echoView™, NCT’s online monitoring software, provides a constant stream of vital information while your equipment is operational. In conjunction with our NCT echoV™ or fusionV™ hardware, the user is able to use multiple concurrent real time processes to ensure data quality and system health. With our interactive software oscilloscope, the user can adjust the probe gain, trigger modes, and trigger qualifier thresholds. You can create multi-window displays to visualize the real-time data and save the created screen format for future use.

You won’t miss a single revolution.

Real Time Insight Into Your System

echoView™ processes integral and non-integral (for example, flutter) vibrations in real time to provide timely insight to blade performance and avoid destructive conditions. The software also provides a constant check against user-provided limits and provides alarm capabilities in the event the vibration increases above these limits. Also, any analog data (pressures, temperatures, etc.) inputted to the system can also be plotted in the software along with the blade tip timing data. Data is continuously streamed to storage media and at user defined intervals or data points so you can be sure that you don’t miss a single revolution. Please see attached specification sheet for more details.

one size doesn’t fit all

Need a custom solution or quote for your next project?

one size doesn’t fit all

Need a custom solution or quote for your next project?




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