Non-Contact Technologies, LLC, is proud to introduce the “V” series blade tip timing data acquisition hardware! Utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies for tip timing and tip clearance signal processing and acquisition, the “V” series hardware has a product that will meet all of your rotating component health monitoring needs.

The echoVTM data acquisition module (DAQ) provides inputs for up to 8 probes with inputs for one or two 1/rev signals. The echoVTM is modular, meaning multiple units can be networked together to provide for any large channel count requirements you may have. The fusionVTM DAQ includes all of the capabilities of the echoVTM while integrating additional tip clearance data, providing a total blade health capability. Our upgraded “+” models provide an additional signal processor that digitizes the entire incoming waveform, allowing for an added automatic triggering and data collection capability. This means our echo+VTM and fusion+VTM DAQ hardware can be operated nearly hands-off after the initial setup.

If utilizing optical probes, NCT has developed our own laser/detector module, the optoVTM. This water cooled and GN2/air purged system is designed to be installed in the harsh environment near the test cell or plant equipment while maintaining the proper light source power and wavelength to ensure accurate tip timing measurements.

To ensure your engineers make the most of this tip timing data, NCT also offers our near-real time echoViewTM monitoring and data collection software so that you always know the condition of your critical machinery and echoProcessTM offline post processing software for post-test analysis.

NCT also provides test services for tip timing applications including test planning, data acquisition, test support, data processing, and data reporting. Training services for tip timing are also available. Company sales are projected to reach $2M in FY2018. NCT customers include Air Force Research Lab, Arnold Engineering Development Complex, NASA Glenn Research, Test Devices, and Analytical Mechanics Associates.

For more information, email or call 931-588-2001.